Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nomadic Fungus Incubation - End Of Week One

At the end of week one of the Nomadic Fungi Spore Sprouting Test, all of the test samples are showing some level of reaction. This photo taken with a full-spectrum oscillating lamp highlights the RGB electromagnetic spectral distribution of each jar.

This is a very strong indication that we are on the right path to successfully sprouting Nomadic Fungus spores. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cars In Jars - Creamy Cooper

Nomadic Fungi Institute

Interesting discovery this morning. The doors on Creamy Cooper - NFSST-03.2015 were open and the jar now feels warm to the touch. We have sent our archivist to CVS to pick up a thermometer.

This all occurred sometime between locking up the lab for the night and shortly after making the first pot of staff coffee this morning. We have no idea what caused the doors to open. We should have installed a 24 hour video camera inside the NFI incubator/toolshed. But then again, we should have some sort of grant money to pay for items such as video cameras....

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cars In Jars - Crunchy Capri

Nomadic Fungi Institute

Now this is Exciting!!! After only a few hours submerged in the Nomadic Fungus spore cocktail, Crunchy Capri NFSST-03.2015 has developed a thin coating of rust and small silvery bubbles on its surface. The cocktail emulsion has taken on a deep purple hue.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Cars In Jars - The Silver Ranger

Nomadic Fungi Institute
Over the past three days the NFI Lab has been conducting tests on sprouting Nomadic Fungus spores. This Nomadic Fungus test sample is labeled NFSST-01.2015 but around the NFI Lab we are fondly calling him the Silver Ranger.

The spore enriched cocktail that the the Silver Ranger is immersed in has shifted in color from a yellow amber to pail ruby green. We have not noted any signs of growth on the surface of the vehicle as of yet but our hopes are high that the Silver Ranger will soon be hosting a plethora of Nomadic Fungus sprouts.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First Step In Making A Nomadic Fungus Cocktail

Cars In Jars
Going on the assumption that a key component to germinating healthy Nomadic Fungus spores is the incorporation of household waste products, the NFI Lab dispensed with sterilized beakers and replaced them with recycled peanut butter jars.

Into each jar a scale model automobile is placed and then filled with our specially prepared spore laden cocktail composed of a wide variety of household and industrial byproducts. (For public safety the exact ingredients and proportions of the spore cocktail are not being released at this time.) The lid is then screwed on tight.

The jars are placed on stainless steel oven racks we salvaged from a condemned barbecue restaurant. These racks are then placed inside the NFI incubator/toolshed. They will be monitored daily for the next four weeks.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Out From The Shed Into The Lab

Sprouting Spores
...If I every go looking for my hearts desire again, I shouldn't look any farther than my own backyard"  Dorothy, Wizard Of Oz
In June of 2014 NFI successfully sprouted Nomadic Fungus spores. Unfortunately this achievement was done under less than scientifically acceptable conditions... as in a bucket stored in the dilapidated toolshed behind the NFI offices.

So, this time around we are following the National Guidelines for Scientific Methodology which means we are recreating in a controlled laboratory setting our dilapidated toolshed, and then filling it with a hoarders bounty of rusty lawnmowers, paint cans, weed killers, sacks of fertilizer, plastic jugs of used motor oil, and of course several dented gasoline cans.

Somewhere in this mashup of decay, household chemicals and automotive refuse is the key to germinating and growing strong, healthy Nomadic Fungi. We succeeded once by mistake. Now, it is our task to discover the exact concoction for repeatable success.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

International Association of Consumer Based Technologies

Nomadic Fungus
In response to our inquirers, the International Association of Consumer Based Technologies (IACBT) has released the following statement.

In this world of rapid, unregulated advancements in the field of microbiological technology, driven by short sighted corporate profits and flamed by fickle consumer demands, it would seem inevitable that something as small as a fungus spore could eventually be manipulated, whether intentionally or unintentionally, into a rogue contagion with the ability to diversely impact the stability of humanity.

Although this statement is a far cry from publicly supporting the existence of Nomadic Fungi, NFI greatly appreciates that the IACBT has acknowledged the possibility that a phenomenon such as Nomadic Fungi could occur.