Friday, January 15, 2016

Nomadic Fungi Institute Part Of The Chaos At RO2 Arts

Nomadic Fungus

Hey sometimes you have to toot your own horn .... even if it's a little after the fact.  Last fall, NFI was invited to display a few choice items in the Chaos exhibition at RO2 Art.

Pictured above is a Nomadic Fungi Lab Sample next to a photograph of the car the Nomadic Fungus spores were collected from.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fungus Dreams and Vinyl Thoughts

Nomadic Fungus

It was serendipity that the Nomadic Fungi Institute Lab had just finished the sterilization treatment on the Nomadic Fungus Zap-Em Pest Control Van when the 6th annual Vinyl Thoughts Exhibition popped up.

Nomadic Fungus

So we contacted Cody and Shelby over at Vinyl Thoughts Nation and asked about putting one of our lab samples in the show. They asked us if NFI worked with vinyl toys? Well kind of ...  vinyl toy cars provide an excellent food source for Nomadic Fungi germination. So yeah, we most definitely fit the bill.

Vinyl Thoughts

This one night pop up show featured a surprisingly big assortment of talented Texas vinyl toy designers. It was a fun high energy evening with frantic buying starting long before the free alcohol hits the veins.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dallas Public Library Coloring Book Has Nomadic Fungi

Dallas Public Library

Given the exhaustive amount of research the Nomadic Fungi Institute oversees, it's not surprising that our staff spends a lot of time at the library. Our good friend Executive Director of the Friends Of The Dallas Public Library Kate Park recently asked if NFI might consider creating a page for their upcoming first annual adult Dallas Library Coloring Book.  We said "YES"!

Dallas Public LibrarySo, only two questions .... what to draw and who to draw it?  Answer, our long term NFI Intern would unwittingly help us out. This somewhat shy, engaging, and slightly balding fellow when not busy working on tasks involving Nomadic Fungus, spends all his time drawing pictures of whatever is on his desk.

Using our stealth field skills, we simply snatched one of his drawings, scanned it, edited out the coffee stains and sent the cleaned up JPG to Kate. Presto!

Nomadic FungusThe Dallas Library Coloring Book, released on last December 5 features over 20 local library loving artists. And from what we hear it has been selling very well to rave reviews. Our NFI office is happy to have a copy.

To get your coloring book you can order them online HERE. It's only $5.00

*Crayons not included.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nomadic Fungus Shows Up At The Art Car Museum

Our Little Yellow Nomadic Fungus School Bus made the trip down to Houston, Texas this last fall to take part in the annual Art Car Museum open show. The Art Car Museum has been displaying artistic automobile oddities for 18 years so it was only natural that the Nomadic Fungi Institute connect up with this Houston institution.

The opening event crowd was an eclectic mix of car crazies and art lovers. All in all a high energy, talkative and friendly group.

It's a good thing the NFI Lab sterilizes samples before we putting them on display. We would hate to think this enthusiastic art lover might have unknowingly transported a few Nomadic Fungus spores to his own car.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Crunchy Capri Terrarium

Nomadic Fungus
The NFI staff is abuzz with excitement due to the unexpected rapid growth of Nomadic Fungus on the Crunchy Capri spore sprouting test sample.

Nomadic Fungus
Photos are being taken, measurements of all kinds are being made, handwritten notes are filling up legal pads.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Focusing On Crunchy Capri

Nomadic Fungus
It was just a week ago that Crunchy Capri developed a few silvery bubbles. Then overnight long spiraling tendrils sprouted from all sides of Crunchy Capri and filled the jar from top to bottom.

Nomadic Fungus
We were hoping that at least one of the ten Nomadic Fungus Spore Sprouting Test samples would show some level of response but this sudden burst of growth by Crunchy Capri was completely unexpected.

We have been keeping meticulous notes throughout the testing process. A review of those notes has yet to shed light on what sparked this reaction. More observation, more testing, more research is required.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Long Tendrils of Crunchy Capri

Nomadic Fungus

The camera at the NFI Lab has been clicking nonstop all morning long. As soon as photos are down loaded from the camera, the camera is click, click, clicking again. One more from this angle. One more up close. One from above. One from below...

Nomadic Fungus

I could post over a 100 photos on the NFI website right now, and it's not even lunch yet. So with a bit of judiciousness here are two quite fetching photos of the dramatic growth inside the Crunchy Capri jar. I'm sure we'll be posting more soon.